Why choose us for your Google Ad Grant Management 

For a low month-to-month cost our Google Grant Ads management experts will apply on your behalf for the grant. They will maintain, create and manage Google ads and look out for all performance, they will expand donations and recognize your organization.

We can manage your Google ad Grant account too if you already have one.

Google Ad Grant Management.

The Google Ad Grant gives 501(c)3 Nonprofits $10,000 each month to spend on ads on Google. This can help you spread the word about your cause and bring donations and help.

Services that you can ask us about Google Ad Grant Managment.

Ad Grant Account Reactivation

Our team will get your Grant Account reactivated and compliant as part of any Ad Grant management plan.

Create, optimize, and maintain your Ad Grant Account

You tell us your objective and we will create campaigns for each area of focus. 100% success rate with targeted keyword campaigns.

Performance report

Our experienced team will provide a before-after performance report that will allow you to measure results.

Live Dashboard

You can access your live data dashboard once your account is live. You can get all live campaign data which can be measured against essential KPI matrices.

What could your Non-Profit do with $10,000/month of advertising on Google?

We can help you find out!

  • Build Relationships and donor lists
  • Increase Fundraising and Donations
  • Increase Website Visits and Conversion

  • Promote Events & Sell Tickets- Silent Auctions, Galas, Etc.
  • Build Brand awareness and increase Socia Awareness
  • Connect with Volunteers and Supporters

How can we help?

As a Non-Profit ourselves, we offer discounted services to other Non-Profits in order to meet their mission affordably.