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Crafting Stories, Capturing Moments: Your Vision, Our Lens.

Your organization is unlike any other, and so is your story. What drives you? Why do you do what you do? When every dollar counts, it is important to tell your story in a cost-effective way. Getting your message across to your audience is crucial for your success. Video is a proven powerful emotional tool.

Impactix is a non-profit that helps non profits. We are an experienced video production company, producing effective, poignant and memorable videos for clients who return to us again and again. The authenticity we pour into our various video production options helps you stand out from the crowd, raises awareness of your organization and its cause, and pulls people in, heart and soul. Employing emotion to engage with your target audience, we work with you to further your goals, whether focusing on fundraising campaigns, the cause, donor recognition, or branding. We specialize in crafting:

  • Educational Videos

  • PSAs (Public Service Announcements)

  • Fundraising Videos

  • Organization Spotlights

  • Charitable Event Videos

  • Donor Recognition videos

  • and more!

Bring your imagination, we’ll add ours to the mix, and the creative journey begins. Together we’ll find the right voice, tone and style to perfectly connect with your target audience and effectively raise awareness of your organization.

Our seasoned Impactix team has a soft spot for non-profit and NGO videos. We have shot videos in 18 countries around the world and are dedicated to making moving, polished videos that bring out the best in people. We believe in focusing on people’s needs – from our clients to their audience, with the utmost care and respect.

Fund Raising Videos

Gain more financial support

Effective funding mechanisms

Tell potential donors an up close and personal story about why they should donate to your non-profit organization or NGO. Show them how and why your organization was founded through a video about your organization’s history, it’s goals and future.

Gala Videos

Broadcast your events

Show the excitement of your people

Get donors and honorees excited about your charitable cause and upcoming event, live stream your event on Facebook Live, and when it’s all over create a teaser video to remind everyone how incredible your event was!

Behind the mission Videos

Help others see your organization

People support what they can see

Show the world all the lives you are improving and the difference you are making through docu-style videos. Share the stories of your team and clients – why they work with your organization and the story behind their altruism.

Impact Videos

Create an emotionally connection

Meet the people

Capture on video the good the donations to your organization are bringing to this world. Tell the stories of real people who you have helped through you and your donor’s selflessness.

Some organizations we have Partnered With..

let video connect your organization with your supporters.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you better showcase your work to attract donors and volunteers.

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